An Infographic that yells "Craft bloggers! improve your photos!"

Why visual story telling is *so* important 

I wanted to share this infographic because I really feel it hammers home just how important it is to have beautiful photographs on your blog and social media networks - or to sum up "GREAT IMAGES GET SHARED" - and that's one of the main goals of social media networking - to raise awareness of your products and your brand.

There's nothing more interesting and tempting to a potential customer, than seeing beautiful images and videos of works in progress. Also, if you want your products seen in magazines, in the paper or on influential blogs you need people to start sharing it and creating a little buzz around your work - having great images is the best way to get this happening.

Take a look at the Photography tips for Crafters post here for lots of great ideas on how to improve your photos and your own visual story telling about your beautiful handmade crafts.