Rock your life! 37 days...

Patti Dyer's Daily Rocks of Inspiration

Wow, saw these beautiful creative quote rocks and immediately thought, I have to share them with you! I took a step back to find out what the rocks were about and I'm so pleased I did.

They have been created by an author called Patti Dyer, the project is called 37 days for a very inspiring reason - and having just read about it, I feel like I'm really going to have an amazing, positive day and stop worrying about the little petty things that keep niggling! Hopefully I can keep it up - as Patti says, life is short - live accordingly!
"The timeframe of 37 days made an impression on me. We act as if we have all the time in the world – that’s not a new understanding. But the definite-ness of 37 days struck me. So short a time, as if all the regrets of a life would barely have time to register before time was up"