Guest Blogging Network

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Would you like to become a member of a group of bloggers and writers that are interested in writing blog posts or having people write guest posts for your website? Complete the form below and await an invitation to join.

Why is guest blogging such a great idea?

  • Finding a new audience! - Writing a post for another blog means that you get discovered by their readers.
  • SEO! - Writing a post for another blogger means that you have a link from their blog back to yours.  If this is a relevant connection Google and other search engines will think this is fab.  The result will be a boost in your search engine results rank.
  • Expert Status! - Writing a blog post for niche blogs can identify you as an expert on a particular subject - you are the 'go to' person to answer questions on your favourite subject.
  • Free Content! - Having a guest post written for you = free content for your blog! - It has to be on your terms, always relevant to your readership and a two way thing so the guest blogger wants to come back to write again (and definitely no spam thank you, don't undermine all your lovely content with salesy rubbish!)
  • Kudos! - Having a guest blogger shows you are connected, you know the right people and it gives your blog a little kudos.  I love it when I get great people to write on MY blog, I feel 10ft tall!
  • Networking! - Having a guest blogger means they share the content on YOUR blog with their social networks - so you get new readers, AND they may invite you to post on their blog some day!
  • Broaden your reach - You may have a craft blog, but a post on a cookery, lifestyle or gardening blog may be a match made in heaven! (I'll be posting a link to this post on a few forums to see if I can garner some interest from non craft specific blogs that still appreciate 'handmade')

Please add your details below to get involved!

NB. By completing the form you are showing your interest and in no way committed to accepting or writing guest posts - it's just a way to find some great opportunities.