MOJOTASTIC!- #CBUK is back - Sunday 2nd September at 9pm

Baby Hat - ' precious flower'

Baby Hat - ' precious flower' - Rocket Clothing via the CBUK Flickr Pool

Yes, I've been having a little snooze during August! But now August is over with, and all that holidaying and child juggling (I didn't drop any of them!) is out of the way, I am all fired up, batteries re-charged and excited to get going again with #CBUK! I even have a shiny new pencil case and notepad to get jotting down topic ideas.

How to get your lacklustre blog into shape for Autumn!

So the topic for this Sunday will be just that - giving your blog a kick start and getting back your writing Mojo! I want us all to be Mojotastic by next month! Christmas is just around the corner (in the craft world anyway) and so it would be great to chat about ways we can get our large metaphorical feather dusters out and clear away any cobwebs ready for the party promotion season!

See you on Sunday for group blogging Mojo therapy!

As we've been on Holiday over August I'd love your help with promoting this chat.  Please tweet, share, pin and blog about it so we can get as many people involved as possible - leave me a comment if you're hoping to make it and do give me any ideas for topics for the future.  Thank You :)

Details of the tweet chat and technical help with how best to join in can be found here - Join in with #cbuk - don't worry if you are new, it's always a very friendly chat and you will find lots of new twitter friends.

Hilary x