Jewellery Competition - Win £150 worth of commissioned jewellery!

With the help of their very dedicated team, I've been organizing an amazing competition over at UK Handmade!  There are TWO chances to win a commissioned piece of jewellery from one of these six AMAZING jewellers... recognise any of them?  The prize is not just a piece of jewellery from their collection but a commissioned piece made especially for you up to the value of £150!

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself or a family member or friend with a handmade object - like this one of me with a beautiful glass vase made by my old boss and good friend Simon Moore!  Then post it somewhere online and send us the link and a little bit about why you love buying handmade!   If you post the image on your personal facebook page you must make the link public or else we wont be able to see it!

So grab hold of your cameras, take one of your lovely handmade products and either put the camera on self timer or get your kids, dad, uncle to hold it!  This is a great opportunity for promotion if you are a designer maker as UK Handmade will be showcasing the best images for a public vote to find the winner.

The link -  Go here and please don't be greedy, tell your friends on and offline and let everybody get excited about these amazing prizes and start spreading the word (blog, tweet and shout please) about why buying handmade is so fab :)