Craft Photography Tips

Craft Photography Tips!

Make this month the one where you really shake up your approach to your product shots and improve the photographs you share on your blog - make them wonderful and make everyone want to pin them and share them and then head to your shop and buy your product!

Take a look at the amazing Craft Blog UK Craft Gallery for inspiring craft product photography!

Forget point and shoot! 

Try think, plan, learn, adjust, point, tweak, shoot and edit...

I'm really passionate about photography, I was reading about f-stops and apertures at the age of 8 and begging for an SLR.  The moment my big sister left for Uni I turned her bedroom into a darkroom (not sure she was too pleased with the shutters when she came home to visit!).  Photography is so easy with digital cameras, but product photography is a craft in itself and it has to be researched.

I never went down the path of becoming a photographer, but it's always been there and I know when I see an image that's well lit, well composed and has a beautiful spark of creativity from the photographer.

If you get your product photography right, you will find your work is featured all over the place, (just like I'm featuring this gorgeous clippy purse from Very Berry) - so that little bit of extra effort can make an enormous difference.  Having your work featured by influential blogs can lead to a call from an influential magazine and so on... 

These tips are from all over the web including a series I wrote myself a few years ago.
I've also started a Photography Tips Pinterest Board where I'll be sharing  photography tip links as I find them - it's a work in progress!  The best piece of advice that you will ever find is to read the instruction manual of your own camera cover to cover, buy a tripod and learn to understand light.