Social Media Time Management Tips - Tweet Chat July 1st - 9pm #cbuk

She was a sewing machine..

How much time should you spend on Social Networking?

10 minutes a day or 3 hrs - how much time do you spend social networking to bring new visitors and traffic to your craft blogs?  Is it enough, do you feel you spend that time productively?

Linked In recently announced they were stopping tweets automatically appearing on their network - is this a pretty big signal that sending out mass broadcasts to lots of networks is not good for engagement?

  • How best can you save time through automating tasks and scheduling tweets and updates in advance?  
  • Which tools are available - and do they really save you time or just make everything even more complicated and reduce engagement with your fans and followers?
  • Do you have goals and a social media strategy for your online marketing activity
  • Do you analyse social traffic to your craft blogs to inform your social networking activity?

We'll be trying to answer these questions in our weekly tweet chat - Join me on Twitter at 9pm July 1st where a collection of craft bloggers will be brainstorming, asking questions and hopefully sharing lots of their useful tips.

Use hashtag #cbuk on twitter to join the chat or head to our tweet chat room

Everyone welcome :)

Hilary x