I bet you tell your friends about this jeweller...

Precious Treasure from R & A Collaborations on Vimeo.

I received a tweet from @RACollaboration about this interesting craft video.

The video details a young jeweller that uses dead animals to create her pieces - watch and enjoy, it's both peculiar and beautiful (no gross bits) and will take less than 4 minutes of your day but will, no doubt, inspire conversation all day (especially the last 30 seconds!)

Her work in my opinion is very beautiful, so much thought is clearly put into each piece - you can find more here -  www.kategilliland.com

"Adventure and intrigue capture Kate's imagination. The found and treasured dead animals she uses in her jewellery are a celebration of life as much as they are of death. They evoke questions and illuminate your curiosity, conjuring fantastical tales. Old collections and cabinets were crammed with an eclectic mix of the weird and the wonderful, so by preserving a little piece of history for the future and using precious materials to protect, Kate attempts to stir the incongruous to life." 

I'd be interested to hear whether you would like to own a piece like this, the bony feet and skulls are no different to wearing a claw or shark tooth, but the little 'mousedoms' are quite something else - I wonder how they are preserved?