Tweet Chat! How to improve your blog content! #cbuk


Tonights tweet chat topic...

"Blog post ideas and how to improve your blog content! "

9pm -  15th July #cbuk

The most important part of your blog is the content - without a stream of interesting posts your blog followers will soon stop reading! How do you decide on what to write about?  Do you worry that your blog is more of a online catalogue of what you have for sale - while others always seem to have something really interesting to write about as well as sharing their creations and crafts for sale?

The content you write can have a great affect on building up your target audience - with careful use of keywords and topics you can be discovered by people searching the internet, but how do you keep coming up with these ideas, without having to spend hours of time researching?

We'd love to hear your tips and advice as well as help with any questions you have on deciding on blog content.

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(PS - I haven't written up the post I promised from last weeks chat - I'll try and get to that asap as there were some fantastic tips that I must share!)