#cbuk Tweet Chat - How to build up social media fan and follower numbers

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Tweet Chat 9pm #cbuk - How to build up fan and follower numbers on social media networks

After a day chatting to people who were all keen to know how to build up their following on Twitter, facebook, Pinterest and all the various social networks I thought it would be good to chat about this tonight in our regular tweet chat at 9pm.

Questions I'll be asking are - 

  • Does following and fanning as many pages as possible work?
  • Do competitions work, how do you use them to boost numbers?
  • Should we care about quantity (read my all killer no filler post for my opinion on this)

Please use #cbuk to join in  - as always it's a brilliant way to meet new twitter users, actually have a conversation with them and of course learn a thing or two about making your craft blog a success - having a large social media following is a brilliant way of boosting blog traffic!

Please share the details on your social networks - it will be great to get as many people as possible involved.