Blogger now has permalinks! (you can set the url address yourself!)

I mean it, you know
"Marry me over and over again" - The Wee Pixie

This is brilliant, a great new feature has been added to the blogger posting dashboard. yes it looks very inconspicuous but it really is a brilliant addition!

Permalinks for Blogger!

So what does this new Perma Link option mean?  

It means you can write a title to your post, whatever you like, but then set the url address of that post seperately.

Easy to do, just write your title into the box and use hyphens not spaces or you will get an angry red rectangle. Now your blog title can be one thing, but the url can be something entirely different.

Again sorry? Why is this useful to my craft blog?

It's all to do with seo (boosting your blog posts position in the search results pages)  and those wonderful keywords that I keep banging on about - sometimes you want your title to be catchy, but also to contain keywords that search engines will like.  This is the best of both worlds and means you will never have a url that's all cut up and makes no sense when you have a long title.

Just to prove it look at the url of this very post compared to the title text.

(by the way wordpress has had this feature for ages - they call it a 'slug')

Please ask me if this doesn't make sense, or just wave hello - and don't you love that frame from 'The Wee Pixie' - If I wasn't happily attached, I'd send it to a new boyfriend just to freak them out!

x Hilary