Makers need a voice in the world!

Makers need a voice in the world!

How true is this!  It was a drawing created on the glass staircase of  Hub KingsCross at the Make it Pay event I attended and spoke at today.   You can follow some of the contributors and attendees on this Twitter List  -!/haptree/make-it-pay-2012 (if you were there and you are not on the list please tweet me @haptree or @craftbloguk and I will add you!)

I had an hour to speak - so I had to be fairly general and I really didn't get into as much detail as i wanted - 4hrs may have been pushing it to really get to grips with how to use social media effectively! 

However I really hope that I passed on a few valuable points about the importance of planning, setting and measuring goals and also creating a strategy document that you can refer back to and tweak, tweak, tweak as you measure the success and engagement of the content you post.

Thanks to all of you who attended my talk!  I'll be sharing it here embedded as a blog post soon for all of you who couldn't make it.

Hilary :)