#cbuk tweet chat - Best Craft Forums in the UK

A Stitch in Time - embroidered clock
Born to stitch - A Stitch in Time - embroidered clock by Lisa Margreet

Best Craft Forums in the UK

Hello Craft Bloggers :)

I used to moderate the craft forums as part of my role when I worked for Folksy, I know what a creative, 'lively' and sometimes ultra addictive place craft forums can be. It amazed me how much time some people devoted to chatting on the forums!

I also know (from experience) that they can be great places to boost your network numbers, finding fellow crafters to give feedback and enabling you to share links to your latest blog posts, join in with theme posts as well as finding great topics to blog about - they really can be a goldmine of useful crafty information - if you find the right ones!

But what are the rules?  How do we use craft forums in an effective way or should we approach these crafty and mostly very friendly forums with a totally non promotional attitude to avoid being labelled a spammer?  Is there a happy medium?

Join me tonight at 9pm Sunday 29th July to discuss the best niche craft forums in the UK and whether they are a waste of time or in fact the key to building up an army of crafty friends to help share your links and blog posts. To really find your niche group of fellow crafters.

What do you think?

Use #cbuk to join in - I've written up an instructions page joining in with tweet chats for any newbies who are a little confused about the whole tweet chat thing!  

A really simple way is to use - http://twebevent.com/cbuk

Would love to hear any of your craft forum experiences before or after we have the tweet chat, so please share a comment below :)