How do you say thank you when someone retweets?

I have tweeted it many times, "thank you for the RT" - I am genuinely appreciative, because every time someone shares a tweet, that means my message gets to a few more people and so, YES! when I have the time available I always 'Thank you for the RT" - but oh how dull those words are...


Yes, stop and think before you write those 5 words that take up just 20 of 140 available characters. Is it productive to thank someone in such an uncreative way? Could it be more productive and a lot more creative on your part? Do your followers get any benefit from this tweet, especially if you post 3 in a row?

It's true that all they had to do was to click a button - but they chose to share your tweet!

Why not inject a little personality into your thank you - What else could you say? How could you add a little extra to build up conversation and make that interaction more personal.  Are you following them, are they on one of your twitter lists already, do they have any great content you could share (only relevant stuff)

It's not only a decent thing to do but it's a good idea to encourage people to retweet again in the future and to build up all important connections.

Lets put a stop to dull and boring thank you's and think of some creative ways to connect with those people that have clicked the retweet button - after all, we want even more people to click that button - so we should be advertising our gratitude in a wholly more interesting way!

  • How do you say thank you when someone shares your tweets?  
  • How does it make you feel when someone thanks you for a retweet?

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