Creativity is Contagious... and so is blogging!

Craft Blogs make me sew happy
Craft Blogs make me sew happy!

The UK Craft Blog list are growing - people are getting inspired and starting new crafting blogs every day!

Sewing blogs, knitting blogs, crochet blogs, jewellery making blogs and art and design blogs...  they are all totally unique and written by passionate creatives, sharing their inspirations, works in progress, successes and failures.  The writers of these wonderful creative blogs are full time craftsmen, part time designer makers or they just like to make stuff when they have the time :)  

Looking through all the lovely new blogs submitted is a real pleasure, they are usually so full of interesting handmade tutorials and techniques - it's hard not to get completely distracted and start flicking through blog post archives!  

If you think your blog should be listed head over to the directory submission page - here.

creativity is contegious
Creativity is Contagious - Albert Einstein said this and he was a clever man ;)

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Follow the links below to subscribe to the lists in full, stored as a folder in your google reader.  You can browse the posts at your leisure then begin to pick and choose the best craft blogs from the posts and subscribe to these individually in whichever feed reader you prefer.   

The writers of the blogs have chosen the category they think suits them the most, but remember many of us creative types blog about all sorts and not just one craft discipline!

blogs about:
sewing, felt, embroidery, fabric, buttons, stitches, sewing machines, quilting, patchwork

blogs about:
Yarn, wool, knitters, needles, patterns, needle felting, knitting projects, crocheting

blogs about:
Jewellery, jewellers, beading, silver smithing, gold smithing, pmc, threading, lampwork, findings, charms, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, polymer clay jewellery, fabric jewellery

blogs about:
Greeting Cards, card, paper, scrapbooking, cardmaking, card embellishments, bookbinding

blogs about:
Photos, prints, paintings, design, sculpture, contemporary art, fine art, iustrations, drawings 

blogs about:
Ceramics, pottery, glass making, glass blowing, soap, soapmaking, woodwork, wood turning, miscellaneous crafts

Happy blog reading!
Hilary x