#cbuk Tweet Chat! - "Things I'm afraid to tell you"

Hello All,

The topic for this weekends #cbuk tweet chat has been inspired by an interesting collection of posts called 'Things I'm afraid to tell you'.  (yes I read non craft blogs too!)

Bloggers from all warps of life sharing things that they wouldn't normally with their readers, laying out all the stuff they normally keep private - is that a good idea, does it bring you closer to your readers?

So the topic is how much info should you share - and how much do you already share?  What's the perfect balance between private life and public life.

Many craft bloggers are blogging to promote their handmade products, not for cathartic reasons - but does opening up a bit help people to get to know you better and therefore add extra value to your work? What do you think?

Should you discuss your kids, health and all the personal stuff you would usually reserve for discussing with friends?  Is it safe to share this kind of detail on the internet - could it come back and haunt you in the future?

Or is it better to create a much more tailored presentation of reality - does anyone want to read about your problems, haven't they come to see gorgeous crafts?  Is your kitchen table your 'workshop' and do you take your photos in the one decent corner of your house, to give the illusion you are an interior design guru?

Please join me on Twitter using the hash tag #cbuk on Sunday 13th May at 9pm (UK)