#cbuk Tweet Chat - Newsletters, how, what, when and why?


Did you get my latest newsletter?  I'm thoroughly ashamed to say this is only the 2nd I have sent out in around 18 months, despite nearly 600 of you signing up and saying 'yes please' when I've asked if you'd like to be on the list...   *slaps wrists*

Email marketing is not dead just because of social media...  so what should we be doing, to build up our lists and to ensure that if and when we do send an email it gets opened and the links within get clicked and our blogs / small businesses bloom and grow as a result?

It's not great that over 50% of people on my list have yet to even open the last email I sent...  was it the title, too boring?  And of those that did open it, they didn't do a great deal of clicking on the links within. However, according to mail chimp (a great free tool for sending bulk emails) my newsletter out performed the 'industry standard'.

So I thought a tweet chat was in order!  What works, what bombs? What is a good 'click rate' or 'open rate' - and how often should you send it?

Please join the chat Sunday 20th at 9pm (UK time) - use #cbuk to join the conversation.

Please ask by tweeting me at @craftbloguk if you have any queries about joining in. Or if you are a total twitter virgin get yourself an account, you will meet some lovely people and get an instant twitter family to chat to :)

Hilary :)