Stencil Art Video

Morrissey - Spray Painted Multilayer Stencil Art on Canvas from Ramart79 on Vimeo.
Morrissey painting made using spraypaints and stencils on canvas.
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It's so excellent when someone follows your account and you discover their amazing artwork, just like @ramart79 did :)

That's why I always check out peoples links - and why you should make sure you have a link in your twitter profile.

Stencil art is a fascinating process, I really enjoyed watching the building upof layers of colour just as in a wood or lino block print - and a great tune, love a bit of Morrissey!  It must take some time to cut those stencils and to plan the layers.  Famous street artist Banksy uses the same stencilling process, I had a google and found some amazing images which I have collected into a Pinterest board you can find here - Stencil Art . I'm hooked now, will have to keep searching for more.