Blog Comments Tweet Chat - Sunday 29th April at 9pm #cbuk

Lupin Cottage Printed Greetings Card

I'll be hosting the usual #cbuk tweet chat at 9pm on Sunday 29th April.

I'd love to see you there, old and new faces, we aren't scary - we just like to talk about craft blogs so do join in and ask questions to the other bloggers or help answer questions if you have experience you would like to share.  It's a great way to find new twitter friends and blog followers too :)

How to get more blog comments

The topic for this Sunday evening the 29th April will be blog comments and more specifically, how to get people more engaged in your posts.

Is it just a question of hard work? Building up your community and being a consistent blogger - I know I'm guilty of some sporadic scheduling!

  • Are there any really great ways you can instantly get people to join in and leave their points of view and feedback. 
  • Are any blog comments better than no comments, or do we only want really good quality comments? 
  • How do blog comments affect SEO?  

Join us for a bit of a brainstorm on Sunday evening - see you there, use the tag #cbuk to join in - that way whether we are following you or not we can all see the tweets.

Add your twitter and blog links to a comment below and let us know a bit about what you do, it would be great to say hello and help boost your following and readership (even if you can't make the chat!)
I'm @craftbloguk