Win a subscription to Country Living Magazine!

Do you love beautiful handmade items? Me too.  That's why I wanted to share this brilliant event being held by Not Mass Produced on March 14th (tomorrow!) over on their Facebook page and facebook event page. You can also win a subscription to Country Living Magazine!

The event is virtual and the team at Not Mass Produced hope that you will join them in celebrating the beautiful work of their designers and makers as well as coming along to ask questions about the site, their plans for the future and why they are so passionate about supporting small scale production.  Just head over to their facebook event page to rsvp and also add a comment about why you love to buy handmade to be in with a chance of winning a years subscription to Country Living Magazine.

So why do we love to buy handmade?  Fiona Marshall of Not Mass Produced puts it very eloquently on the website - I couldn't agree more with all of the points below!

Handmade products available from 'Not Mass Produced'


  • We can all contribute to making the world a better place
  • We can choose products which neither harm the environment nor the people that make them
  • We can reduce our carbon footprint and help our economy by buying local
  • We can redistribute wealth in favour of individual makers and small businesses rather than global giants
  • We can encourage creativity, talent and individuality
  • We can promote quality versus quantity
  • We can buy less and appreciate what we buy
  • We can keep traditional skills and crafts alive for future generations
  • We can buy from artisans who adhere to ethical and eco-friendly practices
We're sure once you've experienced buying something unique and beautifully crafted, you won't want to buy cheap, bland, mass produced, imported throwaway goods ever again!!
 If you would like to to get involved tomorrow, or just show your support and enter the competition, head over to the events page now!