How's your Grammar

Hows you're Grammar   How's your Grammar!

I'm having a bit of an 'infographic' week, they seem to be everywhere at the moment.  There are design companies that specialise in producing these infographics - it's quite a skill, and good for getting yourself noticed if you can design a good one or afford to pay someone to do it.

This one is particularly good from CopyBlogger.  Writing about grammar is one of those nervous moments where you begin to doubt every apostrophe and comma. I know I make these mistakes, hopefully not too often.  I think it's mostly through being too busy to properly proof read - which is no excuse.  I'm always writing their instead of there, even though I KNOW it's not correct (and my mother would be appalled, although I don't think she reads Craft Blog on a regular basis)

I'd like to add to this infographic that there is no 'A' in the word definitely - I see that a lot, I even see it spelt defiantly which is an entirely different word.  Perhaps I should make an infographic...   or perhaps I should just get on with some work!

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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