#cbuk tweet chats update

The Crimson Moon - Pomona

#CBUK Tweet Chats - Sundays at 9pm

I thought I'd create a schedule of topics for the next few weeks of #cbuk tweet chats. We've covered some great subjects so far and made lots of new craft blogging friends.

If you want to join in they are on Sunday evening at 9pm - just use the #cbuk hash tag to follow the chats or join in.   The notes beneath each topic are just suggestions of what we may chat about - who knows where the tweet chats will end up in reality - they often surprise me!

25th March - Blog Photography
- crediting images that aren't your own, the copyright and etiquette minefield :(
- tips for adding images, what looks best one big or lots of smaller images?
- can a post have too many images?
- do images need to be relevant to the post?

1st April - Blog Design
- cardinal sins of blog design
- is simple always best?
- must have blog widgets
- which platform makes it easiest
- do you need to learn html - is it worth the time or unneccesary?

8th April - Happy Easter - no blog chat today!

15th April - Offering advertising on your blog
- is it worth it?
- project wonderful / google adwords - what's best and why
- should you give away free / reciprocal advertising
- no follow links - who actually uses these?

Looking forward to seeing a few of you at the tweet chats - they have been a lot of fun over the past few months, I hope you are all benefitting from them as much as I am enjoying hosting them :)

Add your twitter link in the comments below if you are planning on joining in!