UK Handmade - Spring Showcase Slot Giveaway!

Win free advertising on UK Handmade's popular showcase, worth £10!  Easy entry just leave a comment with a tip on using social media  below :)

The next UK Handmade showcase is a spring and Easter theme, do you have something relevant to contribute, a bright and cheerful handmade product that's just begging for a little bit of extra exposure? 

The closing date for this competition is Tuesday the 28th February!  Applications for the spring showcase have now closed, so this is the only way to get in there now!

If you don't have anything relevant, why not tell a friend that does, they'll love you for it!

Take a look at past showcases here - Craft Showcase, they look great and are very easy for potential customers (and press) to browse through. They can just click directly through to your shop if they like what they see.

Some stats to pique your interest -
  • The UK Handmade website sees an average of 50,000 page views per month.
  • The UK Handmade community has over 3,900 members
  • UK Handmade has a highly engaged  facebook page with over 9,000 fans
  • UK Handmade has a twitter following of over 9,300, and a loyal team that regularly retweets and shares content to their own networks. 
  • The showcase is linked to from every page on the site and featured on the home page.
Eligibility to enter
You need to be able to tick these boxes!
  • I'm a craftsman or designer maker, based in the UK 
  • I have good quality images of my work ready to send over 
  • I sell an item suitable for a Spring themed showcase (use common sense please!)
  • I have not already got a spot in this showcase (good on you if you did, but sorry the items must all be from different makers)
How to enter - Read carefully please :)
  • Leave a comment below with a tip on social networking or blogging
    It could even be a link to site that you think has great info or a blog post you have written yourself.
    We just want to hear lots of lovely tips, so that even if you don't win this free advertsing opportunity you may gain a few insights.  I do like a bit of crowd sourced information.
  • Leave a link to the item you would like to submit.
  • Tweet, facebook or blog, to let people know you have entered with a link to this blog post!  I'm @craftbloguk on twitter or Craft Blog Uk - please tag or link to this page.  You can use the sharing icons at the bottom of the post to make this easier.
  • Deadline is 6pm Tuesday 28th February (UK time, UK entrants only please)

    Email me if you get stuck! I'm at haptree at gmail dot com and happy to help :)
Picking the winner
  • A winner will be chosen at random by me using a random number generator
N.B. - Dark, blurred images, irrelevant images with dodgy backgrounds won't be accepted I'm afraid, so please check your images against previous showcases for a guide on accepted quality before entering.