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I hope you have all been enjoying our Sunday evening craft blog tips, tweet chats - I certainly have.  It's quite exciting and it has also really inspired me to write up some new posts in the future.

I'm not around this Sunday evening, so I can't host this week :( I'd love you all to join in again on the 19th Feb, at 9pm - I hope that's good with you all?

This topic was suggested by @soyofthenorth

So I got thinking about a few ideas, we have a week to mull them over! I'd love to hear your comments on this below, it will help fuel the chat next weekend if we all do a little research in advance.

How to focus your blog content...  and is it a good idea?
  • Do you drift around lots of subjects or hone in on one -  how is that working for you?
  • What are the advantages of just blogging about one subject matter or theme?
  • Will your target readership ever get bored, do they need variety of content / theme?
  • Where to find inspiration for content.
  • Keywords...  keywords and more keywords! How to use them properly.
These are a few posts that I have written around this subject in the past, that may be of interest.

Have a great weekend, see you next week!