The Handmade Market Report

Magpie linocut print

I have created a facebook page called The Handmade Market Report - I'm hoping it will help me with my work in this field, enabling me to keep up to date with everything handmade and crafty in one news stream.

Why a whole new facebook page?

When logged in as a page you see all the 'likes' that you have clicked when in that particular profile.  I'm always logged in as different clients pages as I use this to target their specific market, liking other pages that compliment them, so I can comment on and share their updates when I check their news feeds - I wrote much more about this kind of facebook networking approach here - "Want More Facebook Fans, Comments and Likes?"

I wanted to be able to see updates only from handmade market places as it's really useful for keeping on top of what's happening, any promotions, news or site developments etc.

I have twitter lists that do this to a certain extent already but I wanted a way to create a filter on facebook to get updates only from these specific pages via this format too.  At the moment you can only create lists of personal profiles using the 'list feature' on Facebook.  I also haven't had any luck with this using any free twitter or facebook client tools like tweetdeck and hootsuite.

Should you 'Like' this page?

I'll be clicking 'share' on any good / pretty / inspiring /  interesting or newsworthy posts from these market places on a regular basis and ignoring anything else - so this will be a very cool crafty page indeed. just the best updates from handmade market places!  Either 'like' the page or just come and have a browse every now and again.

I thought the page would be of use for the following reasons:

  • resource for craft bloggers and any social media types interested in Crafts and the handmade market
  • people who do not have a facebook account (you don't need an account or to like the page to see the updates)
  • People who want to quickly compare the sites promo techniques especially with regard to seasonal updates
  • Market Places that want to quickly know what all the competition is up to! ;)

Create a Private Facebook Page!

It's easy to create an additional facebook page like this and you also do not need to publish it like I have with this one.  It can be a private filter to help you manage particular likes as a resource rather than for networking purposes. Click 'edit page' to navigate to 'manage permissions' and make your new page under cover!  You could use it to keep up with competitors without having to publicly like their pages perhaps?

Go here -

NB. - Facebook's new timeline for fan pages is threatening for release very soon (maybe tomorrow even according to rumours), *hopefully* they will have added a feature to enable us to add page lists / filters , just as we can on G+ and Twitter. Fingers crossed eh!