Good advertising deal for crafters!

Handmade leather journals from reclaimed leather
Handmade Leather Journals, reclaimed leather - Peony and Thistle

When I heard UK Handmade had decided to add banner advertising to their magazine again, at £12.50 per ad I thought I should probably share it with you.  I think it's a genuinely good offer.  The deadline for advertising is the 10th of Feb. More details here - UK Handmade Advertising

It's always tricky to decide whether to pay for advertising or to use organic methods and social media. With UK handmade, you are supporting a not for profit site that is genuinely trying to spread the 'Buy Handmade' ethos to the masses. The showcases and advertising all help to pay for the overheads. This is their 4th year and they are growing at an amazing rate now, so it's a good time to 'invest' so to speak! Their facebook page alone amassed 500 new followers in the last fortnight, now over 8,500 fans.
Stats wise the site sees around 50,000 pageviews per month and the magazine is the main focus.  Type "handmade in the uk" into google...  and you'd be 2 clicks from your ad and maybe from a crafty journalist looking for a new designer to feature.

Logistics wise you will need to make a piece of artwork that is 70 x 35 mm (965 x 483px).  Does that daunt you?  It really isn't so tricky.  Can you leave me a comment if you need help and if so I will find time to put together a REALLY simple tutorial on how to make a quickie advert.  Or perhaps someone can suggest a link?

If you are interested in an advert please email