Vowels and V-Logs

Vowels from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

This short film (less than 3 mins) is based on an archival sound recording taken from the 1945 Linguaphone series 'English Pronunciation - A practical handbook for the foreign learner.'

If you are feeling in any way stressed or overwhelmed by your huge to do list, just sit back and let the images and words drift in...   I promise that you will be feeling calm and happy with the world afterwards.  Beats whale song any day!


I'm going to attempt some videos soon as I've been invited to run some bloggy workshops at a big craft thing happening in the spring and I thought it may help if I create a recording first and get a bit of feedback - eeep).  I'm fairly sure I can record them on my D-SLR, we shall see, I have not experimented yet.

Perhaps I should be practising my pronunciation - I can never say analytics correctly.  Apparently it's ANA-LYTICS  not A-NAL-YTICS?  

Hope you enjoyed the Video!  Lots more if you click on the navigation link top right - it will take you to my collection of crafty videos over on Vimeo. You can even join the group and I think you should get an email when a great crafty video is added, makes good content for your blogs - just click on embed and copy the code in - ask if you need help :)