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Crochet Starburst Floor Rug
Crochet Starburst Floor Rug - by Hand Knitted Things

I asked Linda from 'The Crafty Network' if she would like to tell me a little more about her facebook page and blog which are both supporting small handmade businesses.  

The idea for The Crafty Network was started on the 1st May 2011, after 3 like-minded crafty friends, Linda, Kay and Lynsay sat in a pub (as all good ideas start in a pub!) discussing how hard it was to get noticed and sell our items on the Net and we all agreed promotion and networking was the key. We also knew we were not alone after talking to other crafters who were also having the same problems.

We agreed that if we could bring together all crafters, craft suppliers and event organisers to one place this would make it easier for them to network, promote and sell their products and services. But not only that we also wanted to be able to provide an informative service as well.

The Crafty Network was born and our Facebook page was launched on the 13th May 2011 and it received an amazing response, receiving over 100 likes in its first 24 hours. 44 days later we reached a milestone of 1000 likes and we held our first free to enter competition to celebrate. We now have over 2000 members and it is growing all the time.

This success inspired us to start our Blog, which was launched at the beginning of September 2011. We felt that a Blog was a natural progression for us as it would enable us to control and improve the information we provided, we could use it as a platform to feature and promote individual craft businesses and we could provide advice in a more reader friendly format.

The Blog has a number of features, which can be found via menu options across the top listing ‘Craft & Supplier Directories’, ‘Craft Fairs, Tips & Advice’, a section on ‘Selling Your Crafts’ and a Business Advice section written by our lovely and very experienced contributor Maeri Howard ‘This Crafty Business’. As well as regular featured posts, magazine reviews and showcase photos.

Unfortunately I am now running The Crafty Network on my own, but this means decisions and changes can be made quicker. I am adding to and updating the Blog on a regular basis and I am constantly coming up with more and more ideas that I think might be useful to the handmade crafting community (lookout for our regular feature just for Jewellery makers coming soon).

 I already have 3 showcase albums planned for the next couple of months, featuring Valentines, Mothers Day and Easter gifts, so please look out for the posts on our Facebook page requesting photos. Also I am always interested in hearing from people who would like to contribute to the blog and businesses that would like to be featured or would like to be listed in one or more of the Directories and it’s all for free.

All I ask is for your support with helping our network grow, by telling your friends about us, shouting out and sharing the posts on Facebook and tweeting about The Crafty Network as it will all help promote your handmade crafts.

I hope you can join us.

Thanks, Linda x