Craft BloggersTweet Chat #cbuk

Join me on Twitter at 9pm on Sunday 22nd of January

This spring I've been invited to run a couple of workshops on blogging and social media engagement.  I'm quite excited!

So my mind is on preparing useful information - I have a raft of tips for bloggers but it needs condensing and editing into a little booklet and workshop I can deliver without getting too swamped in details.  I'm going to be giving this booklet to the workshoppers, which I will also make available online once it's complete.

I thought it would be a great idea to get some input from you!  I've added a link party at the bottom of this post, for you to add your twitter address to by way of an rsvp - I won't hunt you down if you don't make it, but if you do leave your twitter link please help promote the chat in advance, or add this little badge to your blog or in a blog post if you like.  Just copy the code, the link goes to the #cbuk twitter stream. Hopefully you might find a few new followers too :)

Craft Blog UK!

Twitter seemed like a good place to host the discussion, as we can have multiple voices all connected by using the hashtag #cbuk.  So over the next month, as I write my booklet up, every Sunday at 9pm I'll be online asking and answering as many questions as possible for 30 minutes or so and I hope that lots of you will join in and help.It will be really useful to have bloggers with lots of experience of writing a craft blog as well as lots of questions from newer craft bloggers, or even would be bloggers!

If you are a social media guru, a business adviser I'd also love to get your input.

I will include a list of really good examples of craft blogs in my workshop pack / ebook too.

The first discussion is will be

"Which blogging platform to choose and why?"  

I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Tumblr and more - what do you feel works best in your experience.  I have my own opinions, but would love to hear yours!

What else should we discuss in the coming weeks, let me know your ideas in a comment below and don't forget to add your twitter link!