Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect

Little Squirrel with heart

It has already been quite widely publicised that Google Friend Connect is on it's way out for non blogger blogs.  Understandably people who have worked hard to build up their blog following using it on wordpress and other non blogger sites are quite perturbed!  The changes take effect from March 1st.

If you have a blogger blog you are 'safe' from this bout of spring cleaning by Google. However regardless of this, I think it's definitely time to get involved with bloglovin'.  In fact it was a facebook chat with 'Fibrous' who made this cute squirrel that made me think I must schedule a post about Bloglovin'.

Bloglovin' is set to have a huge surge of users, in fact it's probably already seeing the effects since Google announced that GFC was being removed. People are desperate to try and regain their readership and as Bloglovin' is so much better looking than Networked Blogs and really simple to use, I believe they will do very nicely from this, alongside any already well established blogs over there.

It isn't the same as GFC as there is no public display box of followers, but no doubt there will be soon.  The social aspect is much better however and you can heart peoples posts and search for blogs to follow by category or keywords.

I posted about it briefly some time ago but have not done a thing to encourage followers on Bloglovin, I have 15 compared to 900+ with GFC!  So I've moved my Bloglovin widget / button to the top of my blog from way down in the footer and we shall see what effect this has!

If you are a Bloglovin' veteran, GFC evacuee or just deciding to jump on the bandwagon and try and make some new connections or find some new blogs to read, then click the face below and you can follow me :)


If you are on Bloglovin leave a link to your blog so we can click your button too!

x Hilary