All Killer, No Filler - My Facebook Strategy

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All Killer, No Filler...  

This is a term that people use to describe albums where all of the songs are great - 'killer', and none are just there to make it long enough to be an album - 'filler'.  So don't be freaked out by the word killer!  In this context it means awesome / great / top notch!*

I think this is a good expression to apply to building your facebook following. Try repeating it a few times before you log in to your facebook account, maybe not under your breath whilst in an internet cafe, people might be a little concerned! (ps it works with twitter too, but lets not complicate things!)

LIKE ME!   aaaaargh! Why don't you like me! 

I recently posted this on facebook, as I was keen to know what people felt about following ladders, buses and marches/armies etc on facebook.  I too have a desire to have zillions of fans, but surely they need to be people who will actually have an interest in what I write about?  Maybe even want to hire me one day?

I had an overwhelming response to this post of absolutely 'Do not bother' with these kind of things.  Not only from people who had never taken part, but interestingly from many who had.  They described the fans they collected as being merely quantity and not quality - all filler and no killer!  I picked a few of the responses to share, you can see them all here -

Many of the replies suggested that fans found in this way quickly unliked or used the hide button in order to mute their posts. This renders the act of becoming a fan absolutely irrelevant - just a number in a side bar. No real connection or likelihood of interaction.  If they don't read your posts they aren't really a fan, they're just filler.

Engage, and then do it some more

I've talked about this before, so it's back to my favourite phrase, 'facebook engagement'.

Find your fans by being an active facebooker and actually responding to updates on your friends and  fans pages. Talk as much as possible on other peoples pages, but don't post too many updates on your own page, you'll drown peoples news feeds this way.

It gets easier the more consistent you are because your page is given a little edge rank boost, with each comment and like.  Facebook will then actively promote you to your own fans - because you are a good facebooker.  Mr Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wants you to have a fun time on facebook with lots of 'serendipitous interactions', or in plain English, seeing updates from friends and liking, commenting and sharing (and clicking on adverts).

So, Facebook (as many of you will know) tries to help out and creates 'highlighted stories'. Some people hate this, but really it's only working with how you interact with your own fans and friends.  You can just set your news feed to 'most recent' if you don't want to see highlighted stories or you can use the little corner tabs to highlight or un-highlight stories.  If used right your news feed can be great and will save you time scrolling through every update...   again needs to be worked at and used in combination with 'most recent' stories, especially if you follow hundreds of people/pages.

It works both ways, especially when you are a new page.  If you approach facebook in a quality way (no filler), post great content (killer) and reply to and engage with people both on and especially off your page, then your facebook experience will be quality too, you'll make friends and it will become really enjoyable and genuine!

So all repeat after me...  All Killer, No Filler!   (It's all right you don't have to buy a t-shirt, but you can, which is good to know in case my gimmicky strategy name takes off ;)

Question -
Have you found these kind of fan building pages which silent tag or march, to have worked in building your brand and growing a customer base/ readership of your blog, or do you agree with the comments on my facebook page.   Do you think that facebook fan numbers give off a good impression to new visitors and so this kind of promotion is worth it?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below or here on the original facebook thread


*if you have never heard the expression take a look at this image search for "all killer no filler" and you will see lots of albums people have described in this way! (excluding Sum41 that just named their album this!)