Most amazing handmade Christmas card ever!

The Lion, the witch and the amazing wardrobe Christmas card!

How fantastic is this handmade Christmas card that came through the post from my friend Elaine!  I had to share it, it came very coincidentally just after we watched the recent film too so the kids were quite mystified by it - it's on a very high shelf now! It stands up and is made from painted and airbrushed mounting card (not actual wood as I originally thought!), with space for a little message at the back - must have taken hours - hope you can see all the layers of coats and branches are 3d too from this photo.

Elaine was at University with me, we both did a BA in architecture, not sure what it says about the degree we did but despite both doing fairly well neither of us became qualified architects!  She was fairly passionate about model making back then too and has now gone on to be a very successful scenic artist, with an impressive list of films and productions across the UK. Take a peep at her CV, especially if you are in need of a -  Scenic Artist and model maker :)

Now, she's going to have to do something pretty impressive to beat this for Christmas 2012!