Cool Craft from Bridget Bodoano

 I have a little assistant this week!

This is an excellent beginners book covering a wide array of crafts and projects. Designed to "lure style conscious people into craft with the promise of things to make that they can be proud and happy to wear or use".  I think it does exactly that, the projects are cool and modern whilst also being very straightforward, so as not to confuse or annoy a beginner. 

Each of the 50 projects has a number of step by step graphical illustrations. With sections giving the basics, such as this easy to follow casting on and off guide to knitting. Projects range from making buttons to sewing a laptop case, as well as some 'design and technology' projects which include ideas incorporating digital photography. I asked the author Bridget Bodoano, how she had gone about choosing which crafty projects to include?
I designed all the projects for Cool Craft so they reflect my own taste and influences. I find a lot of craft projects are quite complicated and sometimes daunting and as my craft skills are fairly basic  I have always found that keeping it simple makes for a more successful  - and stylish, result. I enjoyed working out the the step-by-steps and found it a challenge to illustrate them so that they were clear and easy to follow.
As someone who has 'write a book' written in capital letters and double underlined at the top of my bucket list, I'm always interested to find out how the author came to start writing and get published.  Bridget has a fascinating story.
My background is art college - twice. I did  shoe design in the late 60's and ceramics  and 3D design in the late 80's. In the early 70's I worked at Vogue magazine leaving when I had my first child. After spending 11 years living in Wales running a smallholding I returned to London where I worked as Press Officer at The Conran Shop until going freelance in 1998. While writing articles on Interiors and design I also worked part-time at Quadrille publishing which led to writing and illustrating my own books as well as providing illustrations for other books including the 'how to do' instructions for Cath Kidston books.  I have always enjoyed drawing, sewing and knitting...
'Cool Craft' would be perfect for a teen or adult that had shown an interest in making.  It is not a coffee table book full of artistic photographs of the finished pieces, but a practical guide for newbie crafters, with projects laid out in a very concise and easy to follow format.  The only thing missing is the 'how to start a blog about your new hobby' project! :)

ISBN - 978-1-908126-11-5
Vivays Publishing