Christmas Link Party!

Night before Christmas

Happy Christmas Craft Bloggers!

I love a good party, especially a Christmas one, the problem with being self employed is you don't get to do the whole office party thing! (probably a good thing in many respects!)

To celebrate Christmas at Craft Blog UK, I wanted to throw a great big crafty link party for all of you to say thank you for all the support!  Blogger tells me you are collectively viewing around a 1000 pages here a day on average!(hopefully it's not all my mother!)

So, help yourself to a glass of fizz!  I've got the mulled wine on the go and the mince pies will be warmed through in just a few minutes.  Relax, mingle and get to know all the other bloggers I've invited - they are a motley crew, but they don't half scrub up well! :) Cheers!

How to join the Party!

I have added a link party below where I am inviting you to add the most conversational piece of craft you have created to date, the piece you would bring up when you met someone new at a party and they asked "So, what do you do?".  The piece you are most proud of or that means the most to you - link to a flickr, a sold item, a blog post telling us all about your piece, a facebook photo, a tumblr etc - wherever you have somewhere we can all take a look and go "ooh! - I love what you did there" or similar.

Please also leave a comment on this post, telling us a bit about your piece, we're all ears and a few of us may still be sober enough to share your links too! (I'll try and tweet as many as I can! hic ;)

I'll be allowing links to be added unitl the Sunday 11th of December at midnight, then we can vote on our favourite pieces - I'll write a blog post about the person who gets the most votes - that's your cue to share the link and ask all your friends to vote for you!

I've never done the voting thing on the blog before so please bear with me if it all goes wrong, either way we'll have some fun, a few virtual drinks and hopefully meet some new crafty folks and see some gorgeous handmade lovlieness!

Add your Links!