Super Quick facebook tip for boosting comments, likes and reach

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Just a quick facebook tip for trying to boost engagement.  It's very simple but a good way to help to kickstart your page, if your posts are falling on deaf ears.

Facebook can be *sooo* annoying!

Not exactly breaking news to many of you, but it's so true! I have a love hate relationship with facebook - when it's all going my way I love it, when it decides to hide my posts away from fans...  I hate it and have to scream at my insight pages!
  • In order to increase your reach (number of people seeing your posts) you need to have an engaged page, lots of likes and comments will see your posts in your fans 'top stories' 
Catch 22 right!? Sometimes you update your facebook page and it gets lost or ignored - so how do you get those likes and comments in the first place!???  Well I've written lots of tips on this, but I think this one is the most direct approach!

Posts have a shelf life on facebook of less than 48 hours, your updates will be removed from peoples friend and page streams after this time (if they ever made it into their live streams)- but of course they still exist on your page!

To find the link for an individual post you need to click on the date - if you just posted it may say 1minute ago or if it was last week it will give the actual date.

Once you click you will open up a page with just the post, copy the url.  Through sharing this link you now have a way of reviving this particular post, or giving it a kick and turning it into a good discussion or chat.  From my experience the faster you get likes the more time your post stays as a top story - so you could be much more proactive about getting likes and comments.  If you auto post to twitter you could also use the url created in your tweet.

Here are some ideas for sharing the Facebook post link
  • Email the link to a few good friends and ask them help you out with a few 'starter' comments, obviously you would not want to do this too often or you may lose friends!
  • Post the link on twitter and then repost it, and then again for good luck! You need to change the way you phrase it each time.
  • Post the link on other facebook threads or in forums (relevant only or otherwise it is spam).  For example you may say "I was just talking about this subject" or "I'd love some feedback on my latest listing, you can find it here" etc just reiterating that you need to make it relevant otherwise it's just spam.
  • Post the link in your latest newsletter, ask people to specifically get engaged in that post - sometimes that's easier than the slightly whingy 'please like my page' suggestions.  You could set up a post especially - eg. "What did you think of my newsletter" and then ask for feedback to this link when you post - a great way to build up a few extra subscribers (as long as you get good feedback!)
  • Anywhere that you can create a hyperlink - would love to hear your suggestions!
Hope you find this useful!  The page snip above is taken from 'SilverSense' - a fab bead supplies company - follow that link to their facebook page. You'll find me nattering about jewellery and beads over there as I'm looking after their social media!  It's going to be full of jewellery selling tips very soon!

Do you have any facebook troubles, or G+ quandries...  let me know in a comment and as always you are welcome to link over to your pages as long as you don't sell anything dodgy!