Is Etsy the best UK Handmade marketplace?

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Can you spare 5 minutes to answer a quick question about Etsy UK ?

I want all your opinions please, so do add a comment if you have a point of  view on this subject. I know that some of you are certainly not shy to share your opinions!

As a British Etsy seller, buyer or maker of handmade goods based in the UK, how are you finding it now that the Etsy UK brand is emerging?

Are you seeing the majority of sales coming from the UK now or do you still find British based sites to be the best place to sell your goods to customers based here in Blighty?

If you don't sell through Etsy, do you think Etsy UK and the huge pr, marketing and investment power it has behind it,  has impacted your sales on your own website or other handmade market places?  Do you see it as a threat in anyway to the little guys out there?

Or, maybe you think it's just blooming fantastic for UK crafters to be publicised by a big firm like Etsy and that it will have a great effect on the market as a whole - do you care where you sales come from as long as your handmade stuff sells?

Please share your experiences and also leave a comment on which handmade / crafts marketplace you think is the biggest challenger for our UK handmade custom - hopefully it will help some of the readers of Craft Blog UK decide where best to concentrate their efforts with the Christmas gift buying season now biting at our ankles...  (eeep!)

Comment box is just down there a bit!