Harris Tweed - From Land to Street

Lara Platman spent a year following the journey of Harris Tweed. 'From Land to Street' is a photographic documentary that shows the entire process from the shearing of the sheep to the making of suits at Saville Row.  The photographs are stunning, what a fantastic idea for a book.  I hope that it further adds to the amazing reputation of quality, traditional craftsmanship that Harris Tweed has gained over the past century.
"With an eye for character, colour and light, and an ear for a good story, she has created extraordinary portraits of these living national treasures, complemented by evocative images of the landscapes of Harris, the tweed patterns whose textures and colours seem to emerge from the land, and the use of Harris tweed in the work of fashion designers including Vivienne Westwood, Margaret Howell and Paul Smith."

If you want to know more about the fascinating history of Harris Tweed, and why it is the only fabric in the world which is governed by it's own Act of Parliament, take a look at Harris Tweed Hebrides, the mill that produces 90% of the worlds Harris Tweed.

You can also hear directly from Lara about the book, she was interviewed on Radio 4's Womans Hour last month. Lara Platman Interview

What are you working on at the moment?

Do you know exactly where the materials have come from?

Imagine what a great sales tool and how much value it would add to your products if you were able to show your customers images of the journey of your own creations, or even just tell the story.  Definitely worth a blog post and a link in your product descriptions.

If anyone writes up a post about the journey of their crafts, or has one written up already, please share it below, just add a link in the comment box.