Google+ Pages Have Landed!

Red Roof House 

Exciting! You can now find Craft Blog UK on Google+  - Please +1 my shiny new page if you have a Google+ account :)

Look it's all bare and no posts, so dull! - what shall I fill it up with?

How to Create a Google+ Page

Click this image below to go directly to create a Google+ business page for yourself - no time like the present!  It's very straightforward, just one form to fill in.

I've copied the following directly from the Google+ help pages - I'd advise a really thorough read through all of the help pages when you have the time. Take full advantage of this new platform to promote your handmade products - I'll be back once I've had a good play with any tips!

Promote your Google+ page

Try these different strategies to promote your Google+ page and gain followers:
  • Spread the word – While on Google+ acting as your page, click Spread the word on the side of the stream. This will allow you to share your page in a post with people from your personal Google+ profile. The sharing action will come from your personal Google+ profile -- not from the Google+ page. For instance, let’s say Raj has a page for his band Didgeridoo and the Kangaroos. If his page spreads the word, the people shared to will see the update as coming from Raj, not from the page.
  • Post updates frequently and keep your profile fresh – People are more likely to engage with a page that contains fresh posts and a complete profile. Learn about sharing in Google+ and how to edit your page.
  • Linking your Google+ page and your website – This is a great way to drive traffic to your page and it provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your customers and fans in an intimate fashion. Learn how to link your page and website.

Please post a link to your pages once you have created them - or let me know on Google+

x Hilary