Friday 2nd December - Free listing day on Folksy

Folksy announced today that they are having a free listing day on Friday.

*Even if you don't have anything new to list, my advice would be to de-list everything in your shop and then re-list!  Do it one by one in case the site crashes.  You will then have 6 months available on every listing!  Time consuming but worth it, you'll be saving £1 for every four listings and if you are simply re-listing it shouldn't take too long...

Also remember that once you click preview your item is saved as a draft item so you can start listing in advance!

I wonder if Folksy will allow it for re-listing too?  I'll ask and update if the answer is no :)  They said there was no limits! woo hoo :)

Oooh - Great tip from Pam Southernwood of Avril Pam Designs - "Why not use it as an opportunity to rearrange your shop in whatever order you want!"