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Illustrated tea/coffee cup 

Hello,  I have so many blog posts lined up for you... crafty book reviews, website reviews and a really huge social media icon post...   but today I really wanted to share the new Vimeo group I have set up.  I just couldn't wait!

Have you heard of Vimeo? It is a video sharing site, just like You Tube but it has a little more class. Yes, you will still find some dodgy stuff, but on the whole it's full of more artistic and creative film makers, who have a passion for videography or they are film students learning through experience. (Rather than people falling off pedalos, and kittens doing crazy stuff, fun but not quite so beautiful and clever!)

I've created the Craft Blog UK group as I'd like to have a place where we can all find beautiful creative and crafty videos.  Apart from the news and a very uncontrollable addiction to x-factor (I know, it's a guilty pleasure thing!) I don't really watch much TV.  To have a place like Vimeo to retreat to is fantastic. I can grab my laptop, plug my headphones in and just wind down watching beautiful and interesting short videos - try 'Couch Mode' and look through the staff picks - it's great!

Not all the videos added to the group will be explicitly about craft or people making craft - some may be inspirational films, or beautiful music videos where there is a highly creative element and beautiful depths of field for example - Thom York's 'Harrowdown Hill'  is both beautiful and violent all at the same time.  It uses dubbed smallgantics, a technique that takes footage of large objects and makes them appear as though they are actually miniatures - a bit like tilt-shift photography. The point is, it is amazingly creative and so it fits the group ethos!

To add a video to the group is simple - become a member of the group, then when you are watching a video click on the add tab where all your groups will be displayed - just tick the Craft Blog box :)

I've added a navigation link above so you can always click directly through to the group to see the latest - I'll also add my favourites here as posts and add a credit link to the finder!

Here's a video added to the group by my online friend Jose at Artesanio -  a beautiful spanish online craft market - it appears most countries have their own versions of Folksy and Etsy! :)  The video is great fun and has an excellent sound track!

Abuelitas Modernas from DOSDEVIDEO on Vimeo.