Quilt Art

Set to the song "Simple As It Should Be" by Tristan Prettyman, this movie highlights the making of a small art quilt - by www.simplyrobin.com  The quilts are all made from hand dyed fabric which dries under the hot Hawaiin sun - bliss! Not so easy here in a very wintry blighty!

Watching the fabric strips go from the washing line to a work of art on the wall is fascinating. I think quilt art could be for me, my patience levels are way too low for creating a huge symmetrical bedspread and I really dislike following patterns, probably why my knitting is a little on the quirky / wonky side.  The actual process of creating the art would fulfill all my arts and crafts need and now I can give it a name if anyone asks what is's for, why it's Quilt Art of course! I can make it whatever size I please :)

I took a little time to search flickr for more art quilts. Not everything that comes up was strictly quilted art for wall hanging, but it's all absolutely beautiful, from little wall hangings to huge throws - the level of detail is mind blowing in these quilts.

Sunshine quilt 2

I'd love to see more quilters adding their images to the Craft Blog flickr group - here's a little slide show of all the work tagged 'quilt' we have at the moment.

Have you ever had a go at quilting or making quilt art - or maybe like me you're now keen to have a go?  
I'd love to hear what you love about it, and any tips or useful tutorials you are aware of too?