I'm Supporting a UK Handmade Christmas! #buyhandmade

Nearly finished this batch of purses this morning - off to new owner on Monday! 

To show my support for all of the hard work that the UK Handmade team do to celebrate independent artists and crafters from the United Kingdom I thought I'd tell you a little more about them, my involvement with the team and why I'm in full support of a handmade Christmas this year! Are you?

For the past 2 years I've been very proud that this blog has been the official blog roll of www.ukhandmade.com.  It's a great community that collectively produces an extremely high quality online magazine.  I've also recently taken on some work with the team as a social media consultant and I'll be helping out with the planning and execution of a fantastic competition to raise awareness of the #buyhandmade campaign in the spring. (it's a bit flippin' exciting!)

The UK Handmade quarterly magazine features articles that celebrate unique characters, places and events from the UK Craft Scene and it has a healthy dose of articles on generally living the good life as well as useful articles on how to run a successful craft business.  You can take a look at the most recent articles here - Handmade 

The UK Handmade forum is a hub for artists and crafters in Britain - it's a place where you can discuss market places, websites, craft fairs and any issues with running your craft business.  You can also meet makers from your own area by joining groups.  It's a good place to promote your latest blog posts and creations too ;)

Handmade Showcases

UK Handmade have recently launched 'Showcases'.  These handmade showcases look set to become a fantastic way for makers, artists and crafters to promote their work, offering a fantastic return on investment. It is a monthly themed feature where you can buy a slot at just £10.  So for the price of a couple of bottles of wine, it's a pretty fantastic deal for Christmas advertising. UK Handmade will be really pushing their #buyhandmade campaign as well as drawing traffic to their showcases on the run up to Christmas.

If you would like to help support the #buyhandmade campaign you just need to blog about it, tweet about it and generally tell all of your friends why they should consider buying handmade this Christmas. Best of all if you want to promote a handmade Christmas, make your own gifts or buy gifts handmade by one of the 3000+ members of UK Handmade!

This is the badge! Go grab one for your craft blog!

www.ukhandmade.co.uk - Buy Handmade

Are you a member of UK Handmade? - if so come and say hi over at the Craft Blog UK group :)