Handy New Facebook Page Insights PDF

Busy Day today, but I quickly wanted to post this useful pdf all about the new facebook insights.  So many people were taling about my 'are talking about this' post last week, I wanted to ensure you were all really aware that this wasn't the only change.  The pdf below is available as a link from your page but I lost it this morning and having refound it I thought I'd share it here in case you lose it too! I'm going to read this in full, but not until I've had a very strong coffee and walked my dog - fresh air and caffiene, that's brain food!

 I've been asked to write a post about the facebook changes, quite a serious one and nothing to do with craft, so I need to take it all in and make some notes on how to best use the insights to optimise my pages as well as thinking up an angle for my post. I find it's best to get the info from facebook rather than relying on 2nd hand info, however I'll be back with a crafty bloggy version too! Facebook Page Insights Guide x Hilary :) .