Handmade Christmas - Submit your crafts and tutorials

christmas trees

Most craft bloggers and makers selling handmade crafts online will be busy making stock and promoting their Christmas decorations and gifts.

Christmas is perhaps the busiest time of year for the handmade market. Many people will be starting their Christmas gift shopping and buying new tree decorations by the beginning of November all the way through to mid December.

Handmade Christmas!

To help crafters and makers with their Christmas promotional push, I've created 'Handmade Christmas' where you can upload all your Christmassy items and link them back to your blogs and online shops.  Another little boost of link juice to help you get found in the search engines.  I'm still tinkering with the design, but happy enough with it to share it with the big wide world, I may yet change the design - there are a couple of bugs I noticed with video posts!

This is a specifically Christmassy blog. I've already started to fill it up and will continue to find festive items from all over the blogosphere and across all the handmade markets. Flickr, Folksy, Etsy and Vimeo as well as finding some heart warming Christmas quotes and crafty christmas makes to make the whole thing seem even more festive.   I want to get people excited about handmaking christmas decorations, Christmas gifts and buying handmade.

Please share the site with your networks, I want to have lots of submissions coming in over the next month :)

It's easy to submit a post just click the link on the left side of the blog and fill in the form remembering to choose your post type.  Leave a comment here if you get stuck with uploading and I'll help you out.

Why I'm doing this

I thought some of you might be wondering about my motives so I'll be straight with you...

  1. I love quality handmade stuff, especially of the UK variety
  2. I'm supporting the site UK Handmade, I hope this will be another vehicle to spread the word about this fantastic not for profit organisation.
  3. I get so excited about Christmas every year, like 7 yr old excited (it's probably some Freudian thing about wanting to recapture my childhood!??)
  4. I have a major blogging and photography addiction - tinkering with blogs is the equivalent of a fix for me, keeps me sane :)
  5. Homework - I work in social media and digital marketing, so I'm always looking for ways to build facebook, twitter fans and direct traffic to blogs for clients.  This is a personal experiment, which I hope I can apply in principle to other campaigns in the future.
Back soon with a post on SEO and how to get a new blog indexed as quickly as possible by google, i asked on my facebook page yesterday and lots of you were keen so I'll get to that asap!