Craft Photography Tips

Great pictures of your crafts are vital, not just for creating a beautiful blog but also if you have any intention of selling handmade crafts online. I'm fairly confident that accounts for many of the readers of Craft Blog UK!

This is by no means breaking news, I'm sure most of you would love to have professional photographs taken of your handmade pieces, but the cost of hiring someone is prohibitive.  It takes time and lots of practise to find your own photographic style and learn how to create beautiful pictures of your work, but it's definitely worth the effort if you are serious about selling online.

I've dedicated a whole blog to curating photos that I think are beautiful examples of great product photography.  I've added a link in my navigation to 'Gallery' and each item added gets tweeted out via @craftbloguk.

I chose a tumblr blog as with one click I can share images submitted to the Craft Blog UK flickr group.  I have also created a post with links to lots of craft photography tutorials. I'm hoping to make the blog a fantastic source of inspiration for craft product photography.  Of course, it's also a nice place to find some great handmade gifts too!

Many of the images I use to illustrate my social media and blogging tips are also chosen from the flickr group, so if you'd like to see your work featured here on Craft Blog UK, please add it to the group.

Craft Photography Tutorials and Tips

I wrote the following tips for photographing crafts in 2009. The principles of great product photography haven't changed since then but I'll be attempting to update these articles when I have time.  The articles were also translated into Spanish for the site Artesanio, tutoriales de fotografia.
Thanks for reading, please do comment if you want to say hello, or have any questions about photography flickr or even tumblr blogs, I'm rather fond of them all!

You can find even more Craft Photography tips by clicking the image below! If you found this post useful please share to help another crafter! :)