Photography Competition Winners!

Winners of the August 2011 Craft Blog UK Photography Competition

Textile Leaf Pendant 
 Aileen Clarke Crafts -

  Triple Bangle 
 Kiki's Umbrella - Magic in the Grass

Both of these images are excellent and both received the most votes!  I'm really pleased, the quality of all the entries was fantastic, I hope that all of the entrants have benefitted from the extra exposure.  Thanks also to everyone who voted and tweeted about the competition.

Please pop over to Aileen and Kiki's images (click the images) and add a comment to congratulate them! They are both very deserving winners.

Aileen Clarke Craft's image allows us to see every detail of her stitched pendant and the staged but natural background colours work well with the colour and texture of the piece.  You can see without having to touch just how well made this work is.  You can find out more about Aileen Clarke over at her website - Aileen Clarke Crafts   Her landscape brooches, featuring little felted sheep are fantastic - do visit :)

Kiki's Umbrella's image has such a beautifully narrow depth of field, just focusing in on the 'leaf veins' of the ring and allowing the rings around and the glossy background undergrowth to blur gently. A shot like this will make you click to find out more and as a group they work excellently - a magic garden full of hidden treasures, such a great concept - you can see them altogether over at the Magic in the Grass website.

These images will be posted to the main page of the Flickr group too.

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The scrolly box below shows all 4000+ images added to the group in the order of the 'most interesting' (which means most comments and views) - can you spot one of yours?  You can view them on flickriver if you want to see them a little larger, or click individually.
'Craft Blog UK' most interesting group photos on Flickriver

Keep your eyes peeled for details of the next competition, it will be launched at the beginning of October. I may give it a theme this time!