Jewellery Business Week 2011 3rd-7th October

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Jewellery Business Week

Guest Post written by Claire of images from the Craft Blog UK Flickr group
Have you always wanted to sell your jewellery or handcrafted items but don’t know where to start? Are you already selling your jewellery but needing that extra boost? Or maybe you just want to make a bit of cash for your next bead purchase? We want to help!

That’s why we’re running Jewellery Business Week from 3rd-7th October 2011

What is it? 

Jewellery business week is a free online conference, making it easy for you to dip in and out when you want to get the information you need. We’ll have different experts providing articles to help and advise you on many aspects of starting or running a craft business. We’ll try to cover everything from deciding when to make your hobby a business, selling online, offline, choosing your range and more. We’re really excited to have Hilary from Craft Blog UK to give you some in-depth advice on using social media for your business, so make sure you’re there so you don’t miss her pearls of wisdom!

Where can I get involved?

At home, in your office, at the local can get involved anywhere! Just make sure you can access a computer.

In depth articles will be posted to the Beads Direct Blog. They will be posted onto facebook too, sparking off discussions between members of our 8,000+ strong community of jewellery makers, who we’re sure will offer opinions, experience and questions, adding depth to the articles. Some of our experts (like Hilary) have also offered to be on hand for Q&A sessions on facebook, so you can ask them direct questions yourselves.

There will also be quick tips via twitter every day so don’t forget to follow BeadsDirect on Twitter.

Special offers and discounts from Beads Direct and other specially selected partners will be available too, so make sure you’re subscribed to the Beads Direct email newsletter to keep up to date with all the offers.

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Why go?

Running a business isn’t easy, whether you’re trying to make a living or just a little extra cash. We have found you a whole host of expert advice to help get you started, boost your knowledge and (hopefully) your sales too! Ask those questions you always wanted to know the answer to, and make sure your jewellery business is on the right track.

We’ve already been inspired by the expert blog posts we’ve received and we’re sure you will be too. Even if you only take one idea away from the event, it might just be enough to give your business or your confidence a boost.

The same principles apply whatever craft you’re selling, so please come along whether you’re a beader, jewellery maker or any other crafter!

How can I get prepared?

We hope to see you there! xx