Facebook changes... what do you think?

Kokeshi Kittens

New Facebook Features

Lots of new features being rolled out, it's always a bit of a marmite time - do you love it or hate it?

So far I'm finding the real time activity and quick view news feed over on the left really useful, I've seen loads of stories I may have missed otherwise.  I also have been chatting alot more with friends now I see they're online so clearly.

Facebook Top Stories

There's also more coming, it's already been rolled out in the US - Would you like to see what the new facebook newsfeed looks like? If you just can't wait  all you need to do is head over to your settings and change your language to English US - I'm sure it wont be very long to wait but I had to have a look and I'll change it back next week.  You will be greeted with a little message to take you through a few of the changes.

Basically 'Most recent' and 'Top Stories' has been combined and you now have a little blue corner to show you that facebook has marked this as a top story - you can mak a story as a top story or unmark a story as a top story for when facebook gets it wrong.  Top stories appear at the top (you guessed that!) and most recent is a little scroll down.

AND....   More interesting is talk of some new facebook buttons (oooohhh!) - read, watched, listened  and want.

Do we need Read, watched, listened, are we more likely to read something if someone 'read' it rather than 'liked' it?  The listened is apparently part of the whole new music streaming thingon the horizon and clearly watched relates to videos.  There will also soon be a 'want' button which is particularly interesting for any of you using facebook to market your goods...  (further reading - Technolog - facebook news )

I'm looking forward to all the new changes and how they will affect the way we use facebook for promotion of our crafts and blog posts but then I get all excited by this kind of new stuff - although it usually means I have to edit lots of my posts so they still make sense!  What about you, love it? hate it, couldn't care less?

x Hilary :)