Crafted 2012 - That's more than lucky!

Applications for Crafted 2012 closed at the end of August - This video is still well worth watching (it's actually a few yrs old so you may have seen it before) - I really enjoy seeing people at work in their studios and workshops, but mostly I was excited about the concept behind this amazing programme. Mentoring craftsmen so that they can take their business on to the next level, giving them the training they need to really fly.  Serious stuff.

I watched it and thought wow - how lucky are those 12 craftsmen! Imagine working with someone at the absolute pinnacle of your chosen craft / profession.

As I read more about the competition / programme, the application process and requirements for entry to Crafted 2012 - turnover of £50,000 plus, 3yr detailed business plan and a presentation to a panel of top judges, I quickly changed my mind. The 12 craftsmen that are chosen for the mentoring programme will not be lucky, they will be amongst some of the most talented, driven and ambitious crafters you can meet.

With talent, the right plan, and huge amounts of hard work, I'm convinced we can all reach the top of our professions - but it will never come down to luck.

Your own journey to becoming a success has to start somewhere.  Just like me, you may be at the very beginning of your new career and videos like the above might feel far removed from your reality - perhaps just trying to make those first few sales.

What marks success may be different for us all, for some crafters owning a sustainable bricks and mortar shop is the goal, for other's it's creating an industry around their original designs and craft, becoming a known and respected brand, travelling the world and making buckets of money.

Where did those 'lucky' people start, what path have they taken to reach the level of success they are at, what have they sacrificed along the way?

If your plan of ditching the day job is getting further away everyday, step back for a moment. Take time to do your research and strategic planning - write a 'proper' business plan. Set yourself goals (not just financial) and use them to motivate you to take increasingly bigger leaps up and out of your comfort zone. At all times consider the plan and get second opinions, ask people for help, experts in your field are usually only a tweet away.

I'd love to know where you think you are on your own journey and what your 'mark of success' is - maybe you are already there?  Please leave your comment in the box below :)

Hilary x (not yet living the dream!)