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Online Marketing Tips for Craft Sellers

The following is a list of tips and tutorials written for craft sellers.  The tips are all focused on helping small and fledgling craft businesses create a successful craft blog and social media strategy in order to boost sales and readers.

The tips have been built up over a number of years and offer advice on a variety of social media channels.  They are kept up to date where time permits!

I've also just written a book which is available in September 2014! It's called - "Online Marketing for Your Craft Business: How to get your handmade products discovered, shared and sold on the internet"

Learning how to write great blog posts, promote your blog posts through seo tips and understanding how networking activities can work for you are all important for bringing traffic to your blog. This traffic can in turn help boost sales of your online craft products. I'm on the lookout for columnists and guest bloggers, see below for details -

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Useful links for Craft Bloggers

Useful links for craft bloggers - a huge list!
Craft Photography - your blog needs amazing images!

Advice for writing and marketing a Craft Blog

Which is the best blogging platform for a craft blog?
Why start a Craft Blog?
Top 10 Reasons to start a craft blog
Easy Tutorial for starting a blogger blog
Where to promote your craft blog
Top 10 Ideas for blog posts
How to write great blog posts
How to get more blog followers
How to get more blog comments
Improve your about me page
Make your blog drive traffic to your shop
17 tips for boosting Blog Traffic
Blog Rolls
Blog Lovin'
Managing Blog Following
Reverse Image Search for tracking down image credits 
Quickie Posts & Bookmarklets
Advertising on your craft blog
Craft Blog Turn Offs
Why Craft Blogs Fail
The WHY, WHERE, HOW approach to getting more blog traffic

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Craft Blogs

10 simple tips to get your blog spotted by Google
How to get on page one of Google
How to optimise your popular posts

Technical tutorials for improving your Craft Blog

Adding floating sharing social icons (like mine)
Blog Themes and Backgrounds
Create a blog badge to grab
Adding a horizontal link or navigation bar
Blog Tabs and Blogger Pages
Shop Slideshow Gadget
Add a background colour to blog posts
Centralise your sidebars
How to add a message at the top of your blog
Using Permalinks

Pinterest Tips 

A bloggers guide to Pinterest
How to add a Pinterest tab to facebook
Join the Craft Life Community Pinterest board

Twitter Tips for Craft Sellers

Twitter Basics
Using Twitter Lists to network
Adding a Twitter feed to your blog
Engage blog readers using twitter
Why you should embed Tweets
How to thank someone for a retweet

Facebook Page Tips for Craft Sellers

The "All Killer, No Filler" Facebook Page strategy
Make the most of your Facebook Profile
Adding Facebook widgets to your blog
Boost facebook comments and likes
Add a welcome page to your facebook fan page
Facebook Tagging
Facebook Fan Page Photo Tagging
Tips for using Facebook Groups
Finding Facebook Pages "Similar to your own"

Google+ Tips
Google+ Pages

Flickr tips

Craft Groups to Join on Flickr

If you would like to write some tips on blogging or advice on networking, I'd love to hear from you, whether for a one off post about an excellent blog tip or a series focusing on a specific angle of promoting crafts and handmade products.Whether you are a crafter or a blog / seo expert I'd love to hear from you, please just ask if you have queries :)
You can reach me directly at - haptree at gmail dot com